FAAR INDUSTRY Participated to IWS 2017

The National Institute of Post and Telecommunications (INPT) organized the 9th edition of the International Winter School (IWS) under the theme of “Intelligent vehicles for a smart environment”, 9-11th of March.

The IWS is a yearly scientific event aiming to promote the new advanced technologies by supporting the scientific research in the domain of ICTs. This year, the event brought together professors, researchers and industrials from the Mobility domain, especially in the vehicle connectivity and automation.

FAAR Industry, as an expert of embedded control systems and autonomous driving technologies in France and Morocco attended this event in order to share its expertise with the participants and reinforce the collaboration with PHD students and researchers in ICTs. Our goal is to make some steps toward the transportation of future in Morocco and Africa and launch concrete experimental projects.

Together with our partners VEDECOM (French Governmental Institute of Future Mobility) and Mississippi State University, we animated three workshops about the sensor fusion with applications to Smart Technologies (Mr. Nicolas YOUNAN), the impact of the vehicle of future on our society (Mr. Randolph TOOM) and the future of autonomous cars (Mr. Frederic MATHIS), and engaged very fruitful debate with the participants.

Our director of innovation, Mr. Randolph TOOM, had some interesting discussions with Moroccan manufacturers about the future of the connected vehicles in Morocco and even in Africa. Together they were all convinced of the huge potential of this area in terms of business and research opportunities, competencies and natural resources.


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