FAAR celebrates its 15 years of achievement & innovation.

FAAR celebrates this year the 15 years of its existence; the opportunity to present its major achievements and meet with its partners, to perpetuate the event, and also to celebrate its national and international growth and prepare for the future.

Hence, this event will be celebrated on April 4th in the new premises and will open a technological showroom with demonstrators focused on mobility and energy. The latter will highlight the expertise of FAAR and Pronergy in connectivity, autonomous driving, vehicle robotizing, desing of EE architecture, control commands development and power electronics.

In addition, the day will know the setting of an innovation workshop with the participation of the guests, an interactive exhibition of the products and solutions of FAAR, a strategic keynote of our CEO Mr. Khalid AYOUCHE with further friendly discussions at the mid of a succulent cocktail.

Rendez-vous on April 4th at 11:00 am to perpetuate the event.



Special week for FAAR in Skolkovo

Last month was not quite ordinary for FAAR, but do you know why? No ? So let me explain you !

Lately, FAAR was in Russia, more precisely in Skolkovo, Moscow. There, FAAR & Skolkovo foundation together signed a Collaboration Agreement intending to develop an Innovation Open Lab within the Tech Ecosystem. First step for the Lab would be to launch a technological project of Smart Mobility Services welcoming local partners and startups. This infrastructure should start operating around the beginning of October. 

During the Startup Village event which took place from May 31st to June 1st, the participants received exclusive information, the opportunity to be the first to discover the concept of the laboratory and to discuss about technological trends.

The goal of such a partnership ? Collaborative Innovation

Capture d_écran 2018-06-27 à 10.55.08

Just to remind, FAAR is an Electronic equipment supplier, expert in embedded control and power electronic systems. The Skolkovo Foundation is a non-profit organization created at the initiative of the Russian President in September 2010. Together we consider that Russia is a ground for of technological & business development, a huge playground for experimentations and also an incredible gold mine for engineering resources, who’s competencies are famous all over the world.

FAAR expects of this partnership the opportunity to develop and apply products & services transforming the myth of robot vehicles from science-fiction into concrete solutions for safer, sustainable and autonomous mobility.

As FAAR’s motto is « DRIVE Innovation to the Market », so our main goal is not only making experimentations and technical feasibility Proof of Concept projects, but bring solutions and adapt them regarding Russian’s market & needs.

We are very grateful to Skolkovo for their friendly welcome and logistic help and are happy to continue this exciting adventure to the new usage of Smart Mobility.

Capture d_écran 2018-06-27 à 10.36.14

Season’s greetings!

At FAAR we believe that the holiday season ahead will be the kickstarter to an exciting New Year! 

2018 is just around the corner, and we want to share how grateful we are for this privileged relationship we entertain with you. Our dearest wish is to make such a connection durable for many years more.

We wish that the coming year will hold success and be fruitful ; and most of all, we bid you good fortune in any endeavour you may pursue. 

Merry holidays and happy New Year! 

#SaveTheDate: FAAR at Las Vegas’ CES!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Well you’re wrong. There is one exception to this rule: if you ever find yourself attending the most advanced convention in #high-tech innovation – the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) – it is your duty to tell everyone about it.

At FAAR Industry we may have used a convoluted way to announce our trip to this Mecca of new technology, but that’s because we’re really excited. We will be showcasing our full autonomous driving kit – FaarGO – at the same convention that brought the concept of the VCR to the world in 1970. And you know what ? … This year, the CES is dedicating 85 000 m² of exhibit space to vehicle technologies and autonomous driving.

For the first time, we’re introducing the public to this new easy way of transforming any vehicle into an autonomous shuttle packed with mature innovative solutions. In partnership with ISFM, we have designed a smart, simple, and cost-breaking autonomous vehicle that can later become one of many #AD fleets: through #platooning technologies, our software system makes it easy to transform one shuttle into a large fleet driverless train, transporting up to 30 people.

This little piece of high tech is designed with a reduced AI, making it open, adaptive and scalable, without ever compromising safety and reliability. This robustly engineered smart AD system comes with ADAS evolutive architecture, specific software and its dedicated and certified automotive ECU: it is literally an all-in-one solution. Follow us at CES from January 9th through 12th,  we will be live-twitting updates.

You can also get more information on FaarGO – our amazing AD kit – right here.

What an exciting new year 2018 is promising to be!

Randolph Toom gives compelling interview at #AVS – Autonomous Vehicle Symposium

Summer has come to an end but the excitement from having been part of the 2017 Autonomous Vehicle Symposium hasn’t faded yet. FAAR is still reaping the benefits of meeting so many important #AutonomousMobility actors, and we’re delighted that we’ve been given another chance to share with you a little more about what we do.

Indeed, on behalf of FAAR, our Innovation Director – Randolph Toom, was interviewed by the organizers of the AVS and proudly represented our offering. He explained how we support this growing revolution in smart mobility by making it easier for companies around the world to bring the fruit of their idea to a POC and then to serial market solutions.

Randolph gives a detailed summary of our long-term vision and describes the off-the-shelf and bespoke electronic control & power solutions we provide, as well as our open innovation platform, Self-e-Car, aimed to implement the technological bricks of companies in order to experiment and showcase them in real conditions.

You can watch the interview by playing the video below, or by following this link. Enjoy.

FAAR welcomes a top management member to the team

Nothing brightens the future of a company more than the arrival of a new prestigious member in its team, and FAAR Morocco has been offered just that when Sanae Lahbabi joined our ranks. Operating as Regional Director for FAAR MEA, Sanae is an expert who has accumulated praise and an immense reputation in the realm of electronics in her former roles at key companies of the field in Morocco. Indeed, her experience of over 27 years from Quality Engineer to Technical Director at ST Microelectronics Nemotek, and moving up the ladder to senior Vice President in charge of advanced technologies in Valtronic Technologies helped Sanae to develop not only strong technical knowledge, but also managerial skills as well as a solid professional network.

Mrs Lahbabi is now assuming the mantle of pushing our Moroccan branch towards becoming a major player in the MEA region mainly by acting as a cradle for skills and innovation and perpetuating the research in complex and advanced electronics.

Today FAAR MEA already supports Moroccan R&D through participation & partnership with local universities and industrialists for training, PHD financing, and involvement in high level research programs. Programs such as the Master’s Degree in “Embedded systems in automotive sector”, the launch of the Smart Lab Factory to promote research in Artificial Intelligence (together with ENSIAS in Rabat), 3 PHD programs running with different engineering schools, and finally the foundation of a private Engineering School for the Automotive & Aeronautics sectors.

The challenge Sanae will take on is to make several partnerships with local manufacturers and universities flourish, as well as push R&D projects through experimentation and all the way to the serial market. All of which will help conquer and expand our offer of electronic power & control solutions and development tools to the markets of this unique and rich part of the world. “Our main goal is to bring turnkey system solutions and build a bridge between the industry, research and education of young engineers”, assures Sanae.

How lucky, lucky indeed, and delighted to share this wonderful piece of news. From the whole of FAAR: “Welcome to the team, welcome to the #SmartMobility revolution, Sanae!”

We are at AUTONOMY event

The advent of #SmartMobility is well on its way, and the increase of events organized around this revolution is proof. One of the most interesting festival of the sort is getting very close, it is a summit at which FAAR Industry will be represented by Randolph TOOM, our Director of Innovation. Indeed, the aptly named Autonomy convention taking place in Paris on the 19th, 20th and 21st of October is inviting Randolph to speak at the Electric Road Round Table along with Nicolas De Crémiers (Head of Marketing at Navya) and Thomas Chrétien (Electric Vehicles Director at Nissan West Europe).

This conference will see the three experts talk about the future of electric vehicles, Randolph will debate on the autonomous counterpart & the embedded electronic solutions. The whole panel will deal with the upcoming V2G technology that will see them both connected to the grid.

Come take part in this discussion about EVs, AEVs and V2G, it will be held on Oct 19th, at 10am at the Grande Halle of la Vilette, Paris. 

Hope to see you there!

Let’s meet at #AVS in Stuttgart & talk about robotizing & automation of vehicles

FAAR Industry is delighted to take part in one of the most important events in the field of autonomous mobility: the Autonomous Vehicle Symposium of Stuttgart. The convention will bring us together with the world’s leading engineers in the field of autonomous vehicle research, testing, validation and development.

And there’s no better way to kick-start an event of this magnitude than meeting up for a tech show! We would like to exchange with you about Collaborative Autonomous Vehicle Development Process.

We believe you will be part of that select crowd so a tech show wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t all take the opportunity to mix and mingle afterwards. Please join us for a debate and cocktail on this exciting first day of the convention (June 20th at 6pm) #AV5010. Ample information and free tickets can be found at this location.

But wait! There’s more! FAAR Industry and – its subsidiary & partner – Pronergy will be attending two other world renowned events in the field of mobility: the Bourget Paris Air Show as well as the ITS European Congress of Strasbourg. You can quench your thirst for details on our appearance at these three unique events if you follow this little link. 

Let’s meet together next week.

SAVE THE DATES #HighTechSummer2017: FAAR Industry & Partners’ Tour of the Most Interesting Conventions

The FAAR Industry Team took upon themselves to be present at three – yes three – simultaneous conventions across Europe this summer. We’re currently gearing up for the Autonomous Vehicle Symposium of Stuttgart, the Bourget Paris Air Show, and the Intelligent Transport Systems European Congress of Strasbourg. We’re everywhere! Fancy a tour? Choose to visit us at any of these three conventions.



The 2017 edition hosted in the Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo will gather renowned professionals from multiple companies and organizations around keynote presentations and static demos #AutonomousTechnology, #AVTesting, #AVComponents, #EngineExpo.

Keywords of this year are #AutonomySoftware, #Safety, #V2x, #Legislation.

Interesting themes will be – amongst many: “Real-World and Open-Road Testing”, “Robust Cyber-security for Autonomous and Connected Vehicles” and “Test & Validation Methodology for Autonomous Vehicles”.

We will be present at the symposium for the complete three days of its duration, at booth #AV5010.



With its European and international span, the ITS has become the reference for industrials and start-ups of the autonomous and intelligent mobility t industry. The event hosts the usual conferences, but also ground-breaking live demonstrations of autonomous vehicles, one of which being Vedecom and FAAR Industry dynamic demonstration. We will be in attendance for the full duration of this 12th edition of this Congress together with Vedecom.



The Bourget Air Show is not to be introduced anymore. As one of the most important events in the Space and Aeronautics industry in its 52 years of existence, it is only natural that FAAR Industry and its subsidiary Pronergy decided to make the short trip to promote the fruit of their collaboration and expertise. We will be present at this Mecca of aeronautics technology, rendez-vous at the booth BC148.

Stay tuned to learn more about our demonstrations.

The choice is certainly not evident for you. We are looking forward to meet you at any of these events. Contact us for more details by e-mail.

FAAR INDUSTRY Participated to IWS 2017

The National Institute of Post and Telecommunications (INPT) organized the 9th edition of the International Winter School (IWS) under the theme of “Intelligent vehicles for a smart environment”, 9-11th of March.

The IWS is a yearly scientific event aiming to promote the new advanced technologies by supporting the scientific research in the domain of ICTs. This year, the event brought together professors, researchers and industrials from the Mobility domain, especially in the vehicle connectivity and automation.

FAAR Industry, as an expert of embedded control systems and autonomous driving technologies in France and Morocco attended this event in order to share its expertise with the participants and reinforce the collaboration with PHD students and researchers in ICTs. Our goal is to make some steps toward the transportation of future in Morocco and Africa and launch concrete experimental projects.

Together with our partners VEDECOM (French Governmental Institute of Future Mobility) and Mississippi State University, we animated three workshops about the sensor fusion with applications to Smart Technologies (Mr. Nicolas YOUNAN), the impact of the vehicle of future on our society (Mr. Randolph TOOM) and the future of autonomous cars (Mr. Frederic MATHIS), and engaged very fruitful debate with the participants.

Our director of innovation, Mr. Randolph TOOM, had some interesting discussions with Moroccan manufacturers about the future of the connected vehicles in Morocco and even in Africa. Together they were all convinced of the huge potential of this area in terms of business and research opportunities, competencies and natural resources.

FAAR Industry Acquires Pronergy

FAAR Industry is proud to announce the acquisition of PRONERGY, a French company specialized in energy conversion and storage products, power electronics, automation products and system integration.

Based in Les Ulis (in the southwestern of Paris), PRONERGY has 35 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of battery pack, BMS, converter, frequency changer, UPS, test equipment and automation products. The core business of the company is the study and production of specific and industrial products.

PRONERGY has a solid experience in the development of products in military, aerospace, Railway and drone, and can meet all requests with harsh environments, technicality and performance, with a strong commitment to quality. The Company is certified ISO9001, EN9100 and codified OTAN F7250.

The acquisition of PRONERGY enables us to strengthen our competitive position in the market and complement our current offer. This acquisition is not only intended to help both companies to advance in their respective environments and other sectors of activity but also to enhance their capacity of development and innovation by creating a mutual synergy.

Happy New Year 2017

2016 was a rich and exciting year for us: the growing team, the acquisition of a society « Pronergy », specialist in energy conversion, participation in the Paris Motor Show and the COP22 Conference, finalist in the Ubimobility program, new engaging projects and satisfied customers.

The FAAR Industry team sees 2017 as a new opportunity for professional and technological growth and the sharing of our skills for the benefit of our customers and partners.

That’s why with a huge smile we send you our best wishes for the year 2017. We hope it will be filled with happiness, good fortune and progress in innovation field.

TEAM FAAR Industry

FAAR INDUSTRY at COP22: time to act has come

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Early November and for almost 2 weeks, FAAR Industry took part in COP 22 – the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh, Morocco. This event gathered signatories of the United Nations convention on climate change and all the interested stakeholders aiming to enhance the climate state.

Since our foundation, at FAAR Industry, we work on technological solutions to protect the environment. We developed several concrete projects such as an electric vehicle Supervisor, the Cross-Drive patent or autonomous driving technologies to enhance energy saving.

Our participation in this major event started days before the official inauguration in Casablanca, Morocco, where our Director of Innovation, Mr Randolph TOOM, attended the first conference on sustainable mobility – “Assises de la mobilité durable” – organized by Moroccan Railways Company (ONCF). Mr. TOOM spoke there (see the video here) and gave our vision on how the new technologies that we implement, can develop sustainable mobility in Morocco and other African countries.

The official launch of COP was on Monday, November 7. Together with our partner VEDECOM, we presented a new democar «VFLEX» at the booth of Universtiy Mohammed V of Rabat, in the green zone (zone of innovation). This demonstrator is an 100% electric car which integrates some autonomous driving technologies together with wireless induction charging system.

During the Conference, we received various special visitors like Moroccan and European politicians, media and scientists, who shown a great interest in our platform. Princess Lalla Meryem of Morocco was one of our main guests. The Minister of Industry, Trade, & New Technologies, Mr Moulay Hafid ELALAMY, The Minister of National Education and Vocational Training, Mr. Rachid Belmokhtar Benabdellah and The Ambassador of the European Union, Mr. JOY Rupert also visited our booth.

Our demonstrator drawn attention of local and international media. 2M, one of the official channels in Morocco, interviewed our CEO, Mr. Khalid AYOUCHE (find the video below), who introduced our innovative platform to the large public.

Finally, and after many interesting meetings with potential partners, FAAR Industry is convinced more than ever that the time to act has come. Saving the environment needs a fast energetic transition, and we can make it real by gathering our strengths.

COP22 : FAAR’s commitment for Ecomobility

visuel-cop22-vedecom2This year Morocco is preparing to host the « Conference of Parties on Climate Change », COP 22, November, 7-18 in Marrakech. The new Conference starts in a tense ecological context where real strong commitments have to be taken and shared. Also this COP22 is also a new opportunity to discover a wide range of companies and solutions dedicated to the environment, low resource consumption and reduced carbon emission.

FAAR Industry decided to attend the COP22 with numerous commitments. First of all, this event is a way for us to strengthen our position in electric, autonomous and connected vehicles development. The aim of FAAR Industry is to stay a key-player in eco-mobility by bringing new innovative solutions. We contribute to the technological progress for the environment with concrete projects such as the electric vehicle Supervisor or Cross-Drive patent looking for improving the energy efficiency, but also autonomous driving to enhance energy saving.

To take part in the COP22, we launched a collaborative project together with VEDECOM – Governmental Institute for Energy Transition. The goal of this collaboration is to present at the Conference an electric vehicle embedding autonomous driving technologies including an induction charging system. This common initiative is part of the program of CO2 emissions reduction and the development of the clean transport market.

If you wish to meet us at COP22, just let us know. We will be happy to welcome you at the booth of University of Mohammed V.



This year together with our partner – KPIT, we have the opportunity to take part in the Paris Motor Show from September, 29 to October,16. You will find us at booth 125, Hall 3.

About KPIT: 10000 international engineering group specialized in the field of IT and embedded software, particularly in the Automotive and Transport areas.

About FAAR Industry: the engineering innovation company, specializing in embedded electronics of control commands, robotizing and automation of vehicles and their connectivity.

Together, we are pleased to welcome you on our booth, where we will present our products and our solutions & services in the areas of infotainment, autonomous and connected mobility.

Whether you have a concrete project to propose, a problem to solve, you are looking for a job or you are just curious to know us better, our teams will be at your disposal to best respond to your requests.

We can arrange an appointment now with teams KPIT / FAAR Industry. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

FAAR Industry & VEDECOM partnership

téléchargementFAAR Industry, as an expert of embedded control command systems, and autonomous driving technologies, joined the partners list of VEDECOM, at the beginning of 2016, as associated donor.

VEDECOM is an institute created in response of the French Government’s plans for investment for the future mobility. The institute is dedicated to performe in the sectors of electric, connected and autonomous vehicles, infrastructures and shared mobility services.

One of the VEDECOM projects was to develop several autonomous cars running an open road. FAAR Industry has taken part in this project, which was presented at the ITS World Congress of Bordeaux, France in October 2016.

Through this partnership, FAAR Industry renews its engagement to the development of the transport technologies of the future.



Autonomous “FAAR” west

After taken part in the competition “Ubi Mobility USA mission” organized by Business France Chicago & Paris, FAAR Industry is proud to announce that our candidature has been successful and we are now ready to go to the US.

The project we have presented is the Self-e-Car™, our open innovation platform for experimentation and integration of equipment specific to autonomous driving and technological blocks developed by us as well as those of our partners (large groups, schools, research labos & startups).

This mission is to prepare us to meet with major US technology companies such as Ford, GM, Valeo and also Uber and pitch the concept to them. This opens us the doors of a “FAAR” west.

Autonomous vehicle and smartphone, the reinvented duo…



Mov’eo & RAVI french clusters organize a friendly working breakfast for their members. The event will take place on 8th of April, 8h30 – 10h at Bourse du Commerce de Paris.

This breakfast will be an opportunity to discuss informally with the Paris mobility players. FAAR Industry, in person , as an active member of both clusters and mobility expert will make a presentation on the topic:

Autonomous vehicle and smartphone, the duo reinvented“.

Randolph TOOM, our Innovation Director, will present his vision of the matching of these 2 worlds.

The inscription is free but mandatory, please contact us for details.



FAAR Industry begins the year by taking part in the open days “Vehicle of the Future” together with some other industrials as PSA, Actia and also engineering schools (like INSA).


The event takes place from 12 to 13 of January at Fes, Morocco and is hosted by Euro-Mediterranean University of Fes. The inscription link is here.

Futur of the hybrid and electric vehicles, management of energy, rapid prototyping tools for innovation, reliability of the electronics next generation, and several other thematics will be adressed during these open days.

The topic that Randolph TOOM, our Innovation Director will present is ” CROSS-DRIVE: A simple transmission for more efficiency on electric motors”.

You can find details about the system here: https://faarindustry.wordpress.com/2015/06/03/improve-efficiency-autonomy-electric-vehicles/


We are ready for #ITSWC2015

After several months of work we are proud to show you several features at #ITSWC.

2 vh

So we invite you to visit our stand C22 and our outside demonstrattion track together with UTBM to experience:

  • Robotized vehicles, including bypassed vehicle functions (using simulated accelerator and brake pedals) to make the vehicles autonomous.
  • Intelligent and collaborative intersection management that takes account of traffic intensity and speed, adapting in real time to optimize traffic flow.
  • A completely autonomous and connected vehicle driving on the open road.
  • An innovative user interface that facilitates the transition between manual and autonomous driving mode, packed with additional new features.
  • A demonstration of cabin management functions such as air conditioning using a pair of connected glasses and other wearables.

Hope to see you at #ITS. Have a nice week-end !

The “X icars” on demonstration at the ITS Congress in Bordeaux (oct 5th – 9th 2015) #ITSWC15 #ITS15FAAR

FAAR Industry is pleased to present you its new “X i.cars” demonstration at the ITS world congress in Bordeaux from 5 to 9 of October 2015. We have worked on this project with the UTBM ( Belfort-Montbeliard university of technology).

Logo X i-car

We worked on the autonomous mode, so that the car can drive itself on the road with other autonomous cars in a unique experience in early beginning of French personal rapid transit network.

“Three vehicles, equipped by our team, run on an 8-shaped circuit. No traffic lights neither stop signs will be used. The vehicles approaching the intersection inform each other about the possible conflicting situation, exchange information and find together a solution through a roadside unit. Hence, all vehicles keep safe distances not only with the precedent vehicle in the same lane but also with vehicles coming from the conflicting lane” explain the UTBM project manager.

Tomorrow your personal car will also be able to give information to other autonomous cars about accident on the way, traffic jams, fuel level, different points of interest knowing accurately their position and synchronizing their speed together.

FAAR Industry car for cooperative demo #ITSWC15

Traffic congestion is one of the major problems of this century. Today, infrastructure managers as well as public authorities support the huge effort to alleviate the traffic. Tomorrow, your personal vehicle will contribute to improve the way of sharing the infrastructure. Indeed, the automotive industry has promised the autonomous vehicle for 2020.

This autonomous « X i.cars » will be demonstrated at the ITS congress in Bordeaux (oct 5th – 11th 2015), to make you try it and appreciate the comfort of your car driving itself in autonomous mode. We will be present during the whole Congress on the booth C22, so you can register for a free trial right now. Feel free to contact us.

Who to improve the efficiency and autonomy of the electric vehicles ?

Cross-Drive is an answer to this question.

What is it ? A freshly released patent by FAAR Industry that offers the improved efficiency and driving range for electric vehicles at low speeds.

Cross drive 1The concept by FAAR Industry is based on two small electric motors connected by a planetary gearset to run each motor individually at optimized RPM at both low-speed and high vehicle speeds. Control strategies of the RPM-Torque field allow staying longer in the optimum efficiency range.

Our solution is particularly suitable for urban vehicles with frequent stop-and-go driving at low speeds (buses, refuse trucks, delivery vans, postal services). Cross dirve 2

Advantages of the innovation Cross-Drive:

  • significant increase of driving range for the same battery capacity,
  • strong impact on the need for cooling,
  • immediate ROI vs. a larger battery for the same driving range,
  • compact, easy to package, using components from automotive industry.

Next step: we are looking for industrial partners for on-vehicle prototyping and to apply the concept on a fleet of urban delivery trucks (mail, garbage collection, delivery etc.).

Please contact us at contact@faar-industry.com for more information or a demonstration.

You can also read about Cross Drive in RAVI newsletter here.

And stay tuned, we are preparing a video to better explain the concept.

MAGHRENOV : FAAR Industry takes part in the Brokerage event helding in Morocco on 20/03/15

A gathering for successful partnerships!

The MAGHRENOV is a Consortium of different partners from Maghreb Region like Morocco and Tunisia and Europe (France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and others). The partners who take part in Maghrenov come from both private and public sector, as well as research and education fields.

MAGHRENOV’s main objective is to support innovation in the domain of Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency in the Mediterranean area.

Today, the automotive industry is embracing 48Volt as the new standard to offer a cost effective solution for micro-hybridation and sales of 48V components like electric motors and batteries are bound to increase dramatically in a very competitive environment as the automotive industry.


FAAR Industry participated in MAGHRENOV event by presenting 3 projects on Microgrid subject, Cross Drive innovation and autonomous electric vehicle, all related to the energy efficiency.

Today FAAR Industry submits successfully  the Microgrid project, in response to the call to application, together with few other partners.

The innovation of our project is that it proposes to take advantage of automotive components (battery, convertor, etc.) to produce, distribute and store a low voltage energy, creating a new energy distribution network, called « microgrid » within 350-800 Volt levels. This new network can be profitable for areas where to build a new physical installation is difficult to access.

The project has been presented in Barcelona yesterday, by our Innovation Director, looking forward to a potentiel further approval by MAGHRENOV Committee.

#nextstep #microgrid #innovation #MAGHRENOV