We are at AUTONOMY event

The advent of #SmartMobility is well on its way, and the increase of events organized around this revolution is proof. One of the most interesting festival of the sort is getting very close, it is a summit at which FAAR Industry will be represented by Randolph TOOM, our Director of Innovation. Indeed, the aptly named Autonomy convention taking place in Paris on the 19th, 20th and 21st of October is inviting Randolph to speak at the Electric Road Round Table along with Nicolas De Crémiers (Head of Marketing at Navya) and Thomas Chrétien (Electric Vehicles Director at Nissan West Europe).

This conference will see the three experts talk about the future of electric vehicles, Randolph will debate on the autonomous counterpart & the embedded electronic solutions. The whole panel will deal with the upcoming V2G technology that will see them both connected to the grid.

Come take part in this discussion about EVs, AEVs and V2G, it will be held on Oct 19th, at 10am at the Grande Halle of la Vilette, Paris. 

Hope to see you there!

MAGHRENOV : FAAR Industry takes part in the Brokerage event helding in Morocco on 20/03/15

A gathering for successful partnerships!

The MAGHRENOV is a Consortium of different partners from Maghreb Region like Morocco and Tunisia and Europe (France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and others). The partners who take part in Maghrenov come from both private and public sector, as well as research and education fields.

MAGHRENOV’s main objective is to support innovation in the domain of Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency in the Mediterranean area.

Today, the automotive industry is embracing 48Volt as the new standard to offer a cost effective solution for micro-hybridation and sales of 48V components like electric motors and batteries are bound to increase dramatically in a very competitive environment as the automotive industry.


FAAR Industry participated in MAGHRENOV event by presenting 3 projects on Microgrid subject, Cross Drive innovation and autonomous electric vehicle, all related to the energy efficiency.

Today FAAR Industry submits successfully  the Microgrid project, in response to the call to application, together with few other partners.

The innovation of our project is that it proposes to take advantage of automotive components (battery, convertor, etc.) to produce, distribute and store a low voltage energy, creating a new energy distribution network, called « microgrid » within 350-800 Volt levels. This new network can be profitable for areas where to build a new physical installation is difficult to access.

The project has been presented in Barcelona yesterday, by our Innovation Director, looking forward to a potentiel further approval by MAGHRENOV Committee.

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