FAAR Industry & VEDECOM partnership

téléchargementFAAR Industry, as an expert of embedded control command systems, and autonomous driving technologies, joined the partners list of VEDECOM, at the beginning of 2016, as associated donor.

VEDECOM is an institute created in response of the French Government’s plans for investment for the future mobility. The institute is dedicated to performe in the sectors of electric, connected and autonomous vehicles, infrastructures and shared mobility services.

One of the VEDECOM projects was to develop several autonomous cars running an open road. FAAR Industry has taken part in this project, which was presented at the ITS World Congress of Bordeaux, France in October 2016.

Through this partnership, FAAR Industry renews its engagement to the development of the transport technologies of the future.



We are ready for #ITSWC2015

After several months of work we are proud to show you several features at #ITSWC.

2 vh

So we invite you to visit our stand C22 and our outside demonstrattion track together with UTBM to experience:

  • Robotized vehicles, including bypassed vehicle functions (using simulated accelerator and brake pedals) to make the vehicles autonomous.
  • Intelligent and collaborative intersection management that takes account of traffic intensity and speed, adapting in real time to optimize traffic flow.
  • A completely autonomous and connected vehicle driving on the open road.
  • An innovative user interface that facilitates the transition between manual and autonomous driving mode, packed with additional new features.
  • A demonstration of cabin management functions such as air conditioning using a pair of connected glasses and other wearables.

Hope to see you at #ITS. Have a nice week-end !

The “X icars” on demonstration at the ITS Congress in Bordeaux (oct 5th – 9th 2015) #ITSWC15 #ITS15FAAR

FAAR Industry is pleased to present you its new “X i.cars” demonstration at the ITS world congress in Bordeaux from 5 to 9 of October 2015. We have worked on this project with the UTBM ( Belfort-Montbeliard university of technology).

Logo X i-car

We worked on the autonomous mode, so that the car can drive itself on the road with other autonomous cars in a unique experience in early beginning of French personal rapid transit network.

“Three vehicles, equipped by our team, run on an 8-shaped circuit. No traffic lights neither stop signs will be used. The vehicles approaching the intersection inform each other about the possible conflicting situation, exchange information and find together a solution through a roadside unit. Hence, all vehicles keep safe distances not only with the precedent vehicle in the same lane but also with vehicles coming from the conflicting lane” explain the UTBM project manager.

Tomorrow your personal car will also be able to give information to other autonomous cars about accident on the way, traffic jams, fuel level, different points of interest knowing accurately their position and synchronizing their speed together.

FAAR Industry car for cooperative demo #ITSWC15

Traffic congestion is one of the major problems of this century. Today, infrastructure managers as well as public authorities support the huge effort to alleviate the traffic. Tomorrow, your personal vehicle will contribute to improve the way of sharing the infrastructure. Indeed, the automotive industry has promised the autonomous vehicle for 2020.

This autonomous « X i.cars » will be demonstrated at the ITS congress in Bordeaux (oct 5th – 11th 2015), to make you try it and appreciate the comfort of your car driving itself in autonomous mode. We will be present during the whole Congress on the booth C22, so you can register for a free trial right now. Feel free to contact us.

FAAR Industry at #ITSWC15

ITS World Congress, the international cITS_Bordeaux_logoongress dedicated to intelligent transport systems takes place this year in France, at Bordeaux from 5 to 9 of October.

This year is the 22nd session. Since 1994, the ITS Congress has grown considerably: 3,500 delegates, 300 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors from more than 100 countries, are expected to come to Bordeaux.

Trunk car FAAR Industry for #ITSWC15FAAR Industry decided to take the advantage of that and is preparing the participation to this big event. We will be present on ITS through several demonstrations in dynamic way on track and static way on our booth (#ITS15FAAR, C22).

Right now we are working on the car which will take part in the “8” intersection with 2 other vehicles, all running in autonomous mode. The main goal of the demo is that the vehicles adapt their speed in intersection when they cross each other. These 3 vehicles, equipped in hardware and software by FAAR Industry and its partner UTBM, will run on the circuit with none of traffic lights neither STOP signals.

We will also present a static car demonstration on our booth in order to illustrate the innovative HMI of the autonomous mode. Different scenarios of getting in and out of autonomous driving will be shown. Visteon is our partner for this project.

Please find us on booth C22 and on “8” track together with UTBM.

For more details feel free to contact us at contact [at] faar-industry.com

FAAR Industry car for cooperative demo #ITSWC15