Let’s meet at #AVS in Stuttgart & talk about robotizing & automation of vehicles

FAAR Industry is delighted to take part in one of the most important events in the field of autonomous mobility: the Autonomous Vehicle Symposium of Stuttgart. The convention will bring us together with the world’s leading engineers in the field of autonomous vehicle research, testing, validation and development.

And there’s no better way to kick-start an event of this magnitude than meeting up for a tech show! We would like to exchange with you about Collaborative Autonomous Vehicle Development Process.

We believe you will be part of that select crowd so a tech show wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t all take the opportunity to mix and mingle afterwards. Please join us for a debate and cocktail on this exciting first day of the convention (June 20th at 6pm) #AV5010. Ample information and free tickets can be found at this location.

But wait! There’s more! FAAR Industry and – its subsidiary & partner – Pronergy will be attending two other world renowned events in the field of mobility: the Bourget Paris Air Show as well as the ITS European Congress of Strasbourg. You can quench your thirst for details on our appearance at these three unique events if you follow this little link. 

Let’s meet together next week.

SAVE THE DATES #HighTechSummer2017: FAAR Industry & Partners’ Tour of the Most Interesting Conventions

The FAAR Industry Team took upon themselves to be present at three – yes three – simultaneous conventions across Europe this summer. We’re currently gearing up for the Autonomous Vehicle Symposium of Stuttgart, the Bourget Paris Air Show, and the Intelligent Transport Systems European Congress of Strasbourg. We’re everywhere! Fancy a tour? Choose to visit us at any of these three conventions.



The 2017 edition hosted in the Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo will gather renowned professionals from multiple companies and organizations around keynote presentations and static demos #AutonomousTechnology, #AVTesting, #AVComponents, #EngineExpo.

Keywords of this year are #AutonomySoftware, #Safety, #V2x, #Legislation.

Interesting themes will be – amongst many: “Real-World and Open-Road Testing”, “Robust Cyber-security for Autonomous and Connected Vehicles” and “Test & Validation Methodology for Autonomous Vehicles”.

We will be present at the symposium for the complete three days of its duration, at booth #AV5010.



With its European and international span, the ITS has become the reference for industrials and start-ups of the autonomous and intelligent mobility t industry. The event hosts the usual conferences, but also ground-breaking live demonstrations of autonomous vehicles, one of which being Vedecom and FAAR Industry dynamic demonstration. We will be in attendance for the full duration of this 12th edition of this Congress together with Vedecom.



The Bourget Air Show is not to be introduced anymore. As one of the most important events in the Space and Aeronautics industry in its 52 years of existence, it is only natural that FAAR Industry and its subsidiary Pronergy decided to make the short trip to promote the fruit of their collaboration and expertise. We will be present at this Mecca of aeronautics technology, rendez-vous at the booth BC148.

Stay tuned to learn more about our demonstrations.

The choice is certainly not evident for you. We are looking forward to meet you at any of these events. Contact us for more details by e-mail.

FAAR INDUSTRY Participated to IWS 2017

The National Institute of Post and Telecommunications (INPT) organized the 9th edition of the International Winter School (IWS) under the theme of “Intelligent vehicles for a smart environment”, 9-11th of March.

The IWS is a yearly scientific event aiming to promote the new advanced technologies by supporting the scientific research in the domain of ICTs. This year, the event brought together professors, researchers and industrials from the Mobility domain, especially in the vehicle connectivity and automation.

FAAR Industry, as an expert of embedded control systems and autonomous driving technologies in France and Morocco attended this event in order to share its expertise with the participants and reinforce the collaboration with PHD students and researchers in ICTs. Our goal is to make some steps toward the transportation of future in Morocco and Africa and launch concrete experimental projects.

Together with our partners VEDECOM (French Governmental Institute of Future Mobility) and Mississippi State University, we animated three workshops about the sensor fusion with applications to Smart Technologies (Mr. Nicolas YOUNAN), the impact of the vehicle of future on our society (Mr. Randolph TOOM) and the future of autonomous cars (Mr. Frederic MATHIS), and engaged very fruitful debate with the participants.

Our director of innovation, Mr. Randolph TOOM, had some interesting discussions with Moroccan manufacturers about the future of the connected vehicles in Morocco and even in Africa. Together they were all convinced of the huge potential of this area in terms of business and research opportunities, competencies and natural resources.

FAAR Industry Acquires Pronergy

FAAR Industry is proud to announce the acquisition of PRONERGY, a French company specialized in energy conversion and storage products, power electronics, automation products and system integration.

Based in Les Ulis (in the southwestern of Paris), PRONERGY has 35 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of battery pack, BMS, converter, frequency changer, UPS, test equipment and automation products. The core business of the company is the study and production of specific and industrial products.

PRONERGY has a solid experience in the development of products in military, aerospace, Railway and drone, and can meet all requests with harsh environments, technicality and performance, with a strong commitment to quality. The Company is certified ISO9001, EN9100 and codified OTAN F7250.

The acquisition of PRONERGY enables us to strengthen our competitive position in the market and complement our current offer. This acquisition is not only intended to help both companies to advance in their respective environments and other sectors of activity but also to enhance their capacity of development and innovation by creating a mutual synergy.

Happy New Year 2017

2016 was a rich and exciting year for us: the growing team, the acquisition of a society « Pronergy », specialist in energy conversion, participation in the Paris Motor Show and the COP22 Conference, finalist in the Ubimobility program, new engaging projects and satisfied customers.

The FAAR Industry team sees 2017 as a new opportunity for professional and technological growth and the sharing of our skills for the benefit of our customers and partners.

That’s why with a huge smile we send you our best wishes for the year 2017. We hope it will be filled with happiness, good fortune and progress in innovation field.

TEAM FAAR Industry

FAAR INDUSTRY at COP22: time to act has come

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Early November and for almost 2 weeks, FAAR Industry took part in COP 22 – the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh, Morocco. This event gathered signatories of the United Nations convention on climate change and all the interested stakeholders aiming to enhance the climate state.

Since our foundation, at FAAR Industry, we work on technological solutions to protect the environment. We developed several concrete projects such as an electric vehicle Supervisor, the Cross-Drive patent or autonomous driving technologies to enhance energy saving.

Our participation in this major event started days before the official inauguration in Casablanca, Morocco, where our Director of Innovation, Mr Randolph TOOM, attended the first conference on sustainable mobility – “Assises de la mobilité durable” – organized by Moroccan Railways Company (ONCF). Mr. TOOM spoke there (see the video here) and gave our vision on how the new technologies that we implement, can develop sustainable mobility in Morocco and other African countries.

The official launch of COP was on Monday, November 7. Together with our partner VEDECOM, we presented a new democar «VFLEX» at the booth of Universtiy Mohammed V of Rabat, in the green zone (zone of innovation). This demonstrator is an 100% electric car which integrates some autonomous driving technologies together with wireless induction charging system.

During the Conference, we received various special visitors like Moroccan and European politicians, media and scientists, who shown a great interest in our platform. Princess Lalla Meryem of Morocco was one of our main guests. The Minister of Industry, Trade, & New Technologies, Mr Moulay Hafid ELALAMY, The Minister of National Education and Vocational Training, Mr. Rachid Belmokhtar Benabdellah and The Ambassador of the European Union, Mr. JOY Rupert also visited our booth.

Our demonstrator drawn attention of local and international media. 2M, one of the official channels in Morocco, interviewed our CEO, Mr. Khalid AYOUCHE (find the video below), who introduced our innovative platform to the large public.

Finally, and after many interesting meetings with potential partners, FAAR Industry is convinced more than ever that the time to act has come. Saving the environment needs a fast energetic transition, and we can make it real by gathering our strengths.

COP22 : FAAR’s commitment for Ecomobility

visuel-cop22-vedecom2This year Morocco is preparing to host the « Conference of Parties on Climate Change », COP 22, November, 7-18 in Marrakech. The new Conference starts in a tense ecological context where real strong commitments have to be taken and shared. Also this COP22 is also a new opportunity to discover a wide range of companies and solutions dedicated to the environment, low resource consumption and reduced carbon emission.

FAAR Industry decided to attend the COP22 with numerous commitments. First of all, this event is a way for us to strengthen our position in electric, autonomous and connected vehicles development. The aim of FAAR Industry is to stay a key-player in eco-mobility by bringing new innovative solutions. We contribute to the technological progress for the environment with concrete projects such as the electric vehicle Supervisor or Cross-Drive patent looking for improving the energy efficiency, but also autonomous driving to enhance energy saving.

To take part in the COP22, we launched a collaborative project together with VEDECOM – Governmental Institute for Energy Transition. The goal of this collaboration is to present at the Conference an electric vehicle embedding autonomous driving technologies including an induction charging system. This common initiative is part of the program of CO2 emissions reduction and the development of the clean transport market.

If you wish to meet us at COP22, just let us know. We will be happy to welcome you at the booth of University of Mohammed V.