COP22 : FAAR’s commitment for Ecomobility

visuel-cop22-vedecom2This year Morocco is preparing to host the « Conference of Parties on Climate Change », COP 22, November, 7-18 in Marrakech. The new Conference starts in a tense ecological context where real strong commitments have to be taken and shared. Also this COP22 is also a new opportunity to discover a wide range of companies and solutions dedicated to the environment, low resource consumption and reduced carbon emission.

FAAR Industry decided to attend the COP22 with numerous commitments. First of all, this event is a way for us to strengthen our position in electric, autonomous and connected vehicles development. The aim of FAAR Industry is to stay a key-player in eco-mobility by bringing new innovative solutions. We contribute to the technological progress for the environment with concrete projects such as the electric vehicle Supervisor or Cross-Drive patent looking for improving the energy efficiency, but also autonomous driving to enhance energy saving.

To take part in the COP22, we launched a collaborative project together with VEDECOM – Governmental Institute for Energy Transition. The goal of this collaboration is to present at the Conference an electric vehicle embedding autonomous driving technologies including an induction charging system. This common initiative is part of the program of CO2 emissions reduction and the development of the clean transport market.

If you wish to meet us at COP22, just let us know. We will be happy to welcome you at the booth of University of Mohammed V.


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