Model Based Design training

FAAR Industry offers a specialized training program on development techniques implemented in automotive, para-automotive and also in Mechatronics fields.

The Open Day of Training “Model Based Design Development Approach ” represented by Mr. Emmanuel D’ARFEUILLE, Technical Director of FAAR Industry, will take place at the HQ of the  ESI2A school, Park Shore in Fez, Thursday, June 11, 2015, from 2 to 6 pm. esi2a

The program is following :

1. Presentation of Model Based Design Methodology,

2. Electronic system study,

3. Sensors/actuators/ECU interconnection,

4. Reading of sensors acquisition,

5. Actuators driving and controlling.

The objective of the training is to share the knowledge and skills of the MBD methodology on the example of the mechanical and electronic units in the vehicle.

This training is intended for:

• Engineering schools who wish to deepen their knowledge of industrial tools

• Companies whose staff wishes to perfect the use of MBD tools and pplied to the automobile

To subscribe : contact us by mail at ouiam.filali [at]

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